J. Koffeman BV, a fish trader in the town of Urk, comes from an old fishing family on what used to be the island of Urk. After many years as a fisherman, Jan Koffeman has now worked for decades in fish processing and selling. The business has grown to be the biggest purchaser of fish at the Urk auctions - the biggest North Sea fish auction in Europe. It processes 16 million euros of fish annually, mainly for delivery to wholesalers in North and central Europe.

Premium quality is the standard for J. Koffeman's fish.

Sole specialist

Sole is the specialty of Urk fish trader J. Koffeman, meaning only premium quality sole. The taste and quality of sole is very much determined by where it is caught. For this reason Koffeman only buys sole on Dutch auctions. As an ex-fisherman he knows where the ships fish - and therefore where to buy the best quality sole to meet his customers' specific requirements. After purchase, the company carefully sorts the sole according to weight. It can also be supplied skinned or as a fillet.

Complete range

Urk fish trader J. Koffeman BV gets nearly all its fish from the North Sea - to those in the know, the tastiest fish. They are caught by a modern fishing fleet, which handles the fish carefully and stores it at the correct temperature. Fresh fish has a short shelf life, so proper handling means fresh delivery. Most types of fish are available throughout the year, but some are seasonal. Feel free to contact us for information on the entire range of fish available.

In addition to fresh fish we also offer a wide range of deep-frozen fish, game and freshwater fish, aquafarmed fish, crustaceans and shellfish. In other words, a complete selection!


The HACCP and IFC requirements set the standard at the hyper-modern processing plants of Urk fish trader J. Koffeman. Here the fish is sorted, processed and packaged. Most of the fish goes immediately to customers, packed fresh in 5 to 25 Kg. tempex boxes with ice. Smaller pack sizes are also available. Fish is delivered directly to our customers in our own refrigerated trucks. This enables us to guarantee both delivery times and careful handling.

Sustainability & MSC

As a family business and part of the fishing community, the Urk fish trader J. Koffeman understands the importance of handling fishery resources and nature with care. This is why we prefer buying from ships practicing sustainable fishing techniques, which often also carry the Marine Stewardship Council certificate (MSC). As a result, our company is also MSC certified. Please check our MSC certificate here. Fish are also carefully labelled to show origin and other relevant information.


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Jan Koffeman

Managing Director
Albert Hakvoort

  +31 (0)6 51335465

Jan Koffeman

Managing Director
Freek Koffeman

  +31 (0)6 51692200

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