Game and freshwater fish

We also purchase fish from Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer fishermen. Much of this catch is seasonal, for example pike-perch, northern pike and smelt. These are available whole or filleted. Please contact us at any time for information on other fish currently in stock.

  • Pike-perch

    (vers en diepvries)
    Whole, fillet

    Stizostedion lucioperca

    Origin: The Netherlands
    Fishing area: IJsselmeer
    Availability: June to January

  • Northern Pike

    Whole, fillet

    Esox lucius

    Origin: The Netherlands
    Fishing area: The Netherlands
    Availability: All year
    (fishing season: June to January)

  • Smelt

    Whole, fillet

    Osmerus eperlanu

    Origin: Wadden Sea
    Fishing area: Wadden Sea
    Availability: October to January

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